Steam and Gas

Turbine Repairs

On-site and Off-site

Continental Turbine Repair Services is an international full-service rotating equipment service company. We offer engineering, design, repair, and rerate capabilities for gas and steam turbines.  We specialize at on-site and off-site overhauls and repairs to heavy industrial gas and steam turbine components in North, Central and South America.  We evaluate and repair your components utilizing the safest and most trustworthy craftsmen in the industry.

With over 35 years combined industry experience, our staff at Continental Turbine Repair Services has positioned our company to be an asset to yours. We understand your business, and understand the importance of turbine repair and maintenance services. The assessments provided by our qualified personnel can save our clients significant capital annually by increasing turbine efficiency and preventing unplanned downtime of your turbine.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service. If you require any assistance, or if you would like us to provide a proposal for repair work, please feel free to contact us directly at 281-541-6060.